Surviving Winter

hate winter?

I love it. And while we are being honest with unpopular opinions,  I love snow too.

If you are one of those that hates winter, I say go outside and find the beauty in it. Go on an adventure! Don’t just drive in the snow to get too and from work, then hibernate the rest of the time. All the while cussing the existence of the white stuff because you have to drive in it! Go for a drive because it snowed! You read that right. Wait until it snows a ton of the beautiful white stuff and choose to go outside in it.

Go out for a winter drive. Don’t just see the snow when you are running from one heated location to the next. Go out and see the snow for what it is…beautiful. Observe how it blankets the earth in a glittery white shroud. Notice how it can change a down right ugly location to one that looks perfectly pure and pristine. See the city you have lived in for years change to a winter wonderland (You miss truly seeing this if you are running around in a winter hating haze). Watch the falling snow look like a memorizing sky full of shooting stars. Make a wish. Watch the sun draw in the snow with shadows of trees to make a beautiful contrasty scene. And if you are feeling saucy, get out and go for a snowy hike!

Listen to the sound the snow makes when being crushed under your feet. Feel the awesome sinking feeling of your weight sliding down with each step into the newly fallen snow. Feel like a kid again and catch delicate snowflakes on your tongue. See twigs and tree branches laminated by shiny, smooth ice. Watch how water freezes for a moment in time into the most amazing art sculptures. Hear how quiet it is and enjoy having the parks nearly by yourself. Talk to the random few brave people out in the cold like you are. What brought them out of their warm cocoon?

The above video was taken on a day I went out to drive till I got lost during a big snowstorm. No plan. No destination other than to get out of the city.  I ended up going an hour and a half away from home. When I came upon the scene, I sat there in a trance. I parked my car and watched how the snow drifting in the bitter wind made a simple scene look so alien. In the Springtime, this is just a solo tree in a barren field, but in the winter it became otherworldly. I didn’t leave the spot until I watched the sun set behind the tree. Gorgeous.

Enjoy that winter is fleeting. Just like anything… When you know it will soon be gone, it makes it easier to love.


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4 Replies to “Surviving Winter”

  1. I love it. It looks like it is up by the Lake because of treeless horizon in the background. The one lone tree stands in stark contrast to the shifting surroundings. I spent a lot of time out in the winter as a child in Northeastern Ohio and definitely developed a love for it. I loved skating, playing Hockey hiking in the woods especially in the Valley.
    In the service I developed a very healthy respect for the weather. I spent a little over a year just 90 miles south of the Arctic Circle. I saw both the beauty and the savagery of the cold frozen world. The North Atlantic frozen solid close to twenty foot thick and it heaving waves of ice that would split open and spray you with pellets of frozen saltwater and creating sea foam ice sculptures along the coast. I was the last person out in a full on Arctic Blizzard with the actual temperature being -60* and the wind howled at 60 plus knots, it was off the the government’s chill factor charts that we had.
    It was really the most beautiful things that I have ever seen but one of the most hauntingly dangerous shows of Nature’s force as well. After that I was content with just driving around Northern Ohio on stormy winter nights enjoying the beauty. I didn’t underestimate the power and danger of the storms and made sure that I had the essentials for survival with me and usually a friend and we would cruise around helping people out that weren’t prepared for such things.
    But at last injuries of youth started canceling out the joy of walking in general and the weather of winter caused the pain to make me lose sight of the beauty.
    I now live far enough south that winter starts a month later, never gets as intense and spring comes a month earlier. I still get to see some snow blanketing the barren landscape but it doesn’t stay around long enough to become ugly with grime and grit. I still have my memories of real snow storms to think back on.

    • That sounds great and a scary! I loved Alaska. I lived there a little over 2 years! Never got the the Arctic Circle , although I very much want too.

      This video was taken close to Mohican Forest State Park. I plan on going back often even though it’s a little bit of a drive, it’s a nice one!

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