Tibetan Inner Fire Meditation


For Yoga Teacher Training, I have to guide the class in a meditation of choice.  When I first heard of this, I knew right away that I wanted to do a Inner Fire Meditation.

Let me explain…Years ago, I Fire Danced at a Yoga Festival in Florida with a few friends.  We surrounded a really large group doing an outside yoga class to close the event.  Tiki torches and fire dancers surrounded these yogi’s on all sides. The instructor guided them to look at the flames and feel the inner heat happening within them. I LOVED IT!  …well, other than getting eaten alive by bugs.

Anyways, I went home that night and looked up how I could blend fire and yoga in other ways and….BOOM….I found the Tibetan Inner Fire Meditation.  I have since done fire dances with some yoga moves blended in them as well.

I did tons more research on this subject and I think I’m ready to guide the class this week in a beginners Inner Fire Meditation. Just like with my fire dance practices, I like to video myself to see how the dance looks before I do it in front of an audience…in this case…I wanted to see how it sounds. I have never done any sort of video like this before.  I know already that I want to get a mic that I don’t have to hold.  Ha! Let me know if you have suggestions.

Since this is a first attempt at a guided meditation, I would like to redo this once I get a new mic, but for now…enjoy!

P.S.  There might be a little fire eating at the end.  🙂


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