“When we are real rather than nice, when we choose self expression over self-indulgence, when we choose growth over the need to belong, and when we choose fluidly over rigidity, we begin to understand the deeper dynamics of truthfulness, and we begin to taste the freedom and goodness of this jewel.”

From the Yamas and the Niyamas By Deborah Adele

I’m reading this book for Yoga Teacher Training and it is pure gold.  It’s a amazing guideline on how to live a great life.  This book is where philosophy and psychology come to have coffee together.

The chapter on Truthfulness is one I gobbled up and then read a second time.  Truth has been something that I find the greatest quality in a person. So much so, that liars are not only a pet peeve of mine, but I have developed the ability (mostly a natural ability) to read a liar as easily as I read this chapter.

Let me tell you a story of a man I once knew better than he knew himself.  I say that because I watched him lose who he was over the years though his lies, but I never forgot who he truly was.  This egotistical man was one that prided himself on getting any women he wanted.  However, he had a “best friend” that was not as lucky in love.  The egotistical man’s “simple” advice to his friend was to:

  1.  Listen to the woman (because all women will tell you want they want if you listen long enough).
  2.  Become that person.

How simple.

Or was it? How hard must it have been for this man to remember all his lies to all these different people?  More importantly, how hard must it have been for this man to remember who HE was in the midst of pretending to be something different to all these different women?

Why would someone want to “make” a women fall in love with a lie? Did it make him feel good to deceive someone that trusted him…or to just know that he could do it and get away with it? Either way, isn’t life hard enough without trying to remember all that comes out of your mouth too?  I don’t know about you, but if I need more of a challenge than life already is, I will climb a mountain or just take a Power Yoga class!  Ha!  Or, I could just continue striving to be truthful at all times.  Because, sometimes that’s enough…


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